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ZAB Donations for Server Costs

Background VATSIM as an organization is free to all members, but to run the network is not. We pay for server space for things like the website, forums, and Teamspeak. At ZAB, I take on all of these costs, and have since…

2 February 3, 2019

The ZAB Teamspeak server is open to all members and visitors of the Albuquerque ARTCC. While there is no official rule list, I do ask that you act like an adult in the server. IP: Password: BXK3 Acc…

2 January 28, 2019

All, I have set up a Discord for ZAB. Feel free to use it to chat/coordinate. This is the official ZAB discord, and as such all communications are subject to VATSIM CoC. Please do not use the discord for official commun…

2 January 28, 2019
New Forums

All, So, due to some issues with SMF and their unwillingness to support new versions of PHP, I have decided to migrate to new forum software. I went through each of the ARTCCs and figured out what they had, and barring…

2 January 28, 2019
About the Announcements category 1 January 27, 2019
ZAB VRC Trinity Sector File updated 1 August 1, 2020
New updates to VERAM, vSTARS and Trinity Sector Files 1 May 24, 2020
Sector File updates to support 5/20/2020 AIRAC 1 May 11, 2020
Sector Files to be Updated Mid-May 3 March 30, 2020
New Training Syllabus 1 January 15, 2020
Notes to ZAB Controllers on new voice system 3 October 15, 2019
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